Water Storage

Having been film processors from the very beginning, NPI has extensive experience with the production of film constructions for water storage for, for example, horticulture, but also for drinking water supplies. Using several different films and systems, NPI always has the right storage system for your specific needs

The different, specially designed, high quality films are successfully applied on a global scale to line steel silos as well as excavated basins


The metal silo is a space saving, simple and durable way of storing water.

NPI delivers high quality metal silos with a guaranteed long lifespan. The metal wall is quick and easy to install, thanks to our special mounting materials and clear installation instructions.

The metal wall is lined with a film suitable for the application you desire. Our liners are manufactured on a per-project basis, and by default fitted with a chord, wall felt and clamp profile. Outlets can be manufactured by us in the diameter you desire.

Excavated Basins

NPI specialises in supplying films for excavated basins. In our production hall, we are able to make custom pieces of work from LDPE, PVC and polypropylene, up to approx. 5,000 m², which, if needed, can be welded together on location. Our specialist installation teams can, if needed, take measurements, give instructions when the film is pulled in, weld on location, fit custom-made outlets and install the bank protection.

Bank Protection

Bank protection protects the film on the slope against e.g. UV light, vegetation and vermin, which extends the life-time of your film.

Data sheets water storage

Click on one of the links below to download a data sheet.

 Drakatechna Kiwa ata NL (pdf)

 Drakatechna tropic NL (pdf)

  Enpex fpp (pdf)

  PE-LD (pdf)