Quality, appearance and marketability of the end product are affected at every stage of the poultry processing line, and this critically starts at the slaughtering department. The slaughtering department has to deliver a clean product ready for evisceration and further processing. The Meyn slaughtering line gives a high quality and clean end-product. It minimizes energy use, maximizes automation and keeps animal welfare at the core of each process.

The Meyn slaughter line solutions are manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring efficiency, durability and safety. Meyn slaughter line solutions also keep maintenance to an absolute minimum.

With a modular design, the Meyn slaughter line solutions can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, whether that be an upgrade to an existing slaughter line, or a new line installation.

Our Solutions

Waterbath stunners
Bird counter mechanical
Bird counter vision M1.0
Electrical stimulator
Tail feather puller
Head pullers

Hock cutter

Feet cutter
Footpad inspection system

Selective hock ejector
Jet stream scalder