With units continuously operating in the field for over 40 years, the Lyon SUPER BEAK TRIMMER is recognized and used globally as a proven reliable and safe method to stop CANNIBALISM, PICKING/FIGHTING and EGG LOSS

When it comes to tough, reliable, dependability, Lyon is sure to deliver. This unit has great features such as electronic heat control for finer temperature adjustment and more consistent heat, and removable and easily replaceable cords and quick connect components for even faster in- field repairs/maintenance.

The control module has been sealed in order to be even more durable in the field, providing greater protection from cleaning agents, sprays and pressure washing while greatly reducing debris buildup in the critical control area.

These trimmers improve and ensure repeatability and consistency so that even novice operators can safely and humanely trim beak tips to avoid egg destruction, fighting, picking and cannibalism within poultry flocks.

The LYON SUPER BEAK TRIMMER is completely supplied with one KH Blade, a standard beak support and 6 foot power cord.


Do you need a complete beak trimming or toenail clipping package without the fuss and bother of selecting all the various components needed? For your convenience, Lyon has taken the most popular beak trimming and toenail clipping combinations and made them into a completely automatic unit. Each system is complete in every respect including: LYON BEAK TRIMMER, POW-R-PAK and ATTACHMENT.

From the systems shown below, simply select the one you desire, plug it in, and you are ready for operation!


Precision beak trimmer-pak for layers

This system is designed especially for the 6-10 day old Precision Block Beak Trimming of layer chicks. It provides the important 2+ seconds of cauterization time. When done properly, this method of beak trimming will usually suffice for the life of the bird, and eliminate the need to retrim later.

To assure proper quality and the timed cauterization necessary for this method, a control MUST BE USED.

For Finger Trigger, or Foot Switch control, add the appropriate suffix to the single catalog number. Systems are available with the B or BP attachment.

Toenail clipper-pak

Our complete system for toenail clipping uses the B11T toenail clipping attachment on all models.

This unit may be used with control or unit can run free. Simply add the suffix TC to catalog no. for Finger Trigger Control, or FS for Foot Switch. The available operations per hour are based on 120 VAC or 230 VAC at 60 Hz, and units running free of control at rated load.


B11T CLIPPING ATTACHMENT: TOENAIL CLIPPING - Toenail clipping has become a widespread practice with turkey producers and more recently, broiler producers. It eliminates the problem of back ripping, prevalent in some bird strains. The B11T Attachment cuts and cauterizes in a shearing action. The double acting power units are usually used with this attachment to obtain high production rates of toenail clipping. The attachment is also used for flight feather trimming and comes complete with instructions on toenail clipping and marking.

Catalog Nº: 940-005