Feed Milling

Ottevanger Milling Engineers provides a wide range of highly efficient ways of material/product intake. Every kind of intake is possible: Intake by truck, train, rail-car, ship or by big / small bags.
Square silos have up to 25% more storage capacity than round silos for the same floor area. So for bulk goods, square is the right shape for maximum capacity. A unique property of our square silos is the ultra-smooth flat walls.
Round silos are the usual choice when storing large quantities of raw materials (if there is a need for long-term storage). A range of storage capacities, heights and diameters are available. Cylindrical silos are manufactured from galvanised steel with reinforcement.
Batch weighers, fitted with a rapid-discharge slide or a discharge chain conveyor, were designed to receive large components and carrier materials, both powders and granulated components, and to weigh these quickly and accurately.
Ottevanger Milling Engineers offers a wide range of inline weighers with a capacity to 90 m3 per hour. The inline weigher is a perfect solution for in-plant process control.
A pre-cleaner is specially designed to protect the production plant against damage caused by foreign objects. Ideally, they should be positioned in the raw material intake line. The Ottevanger pre-cleaner removes pieces of wood, stones, textiles, etc.